Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Law

During mergers and takeovers, we’re able to quickly organize teams and to support sellers as well as investors during the merger and takeover process, starting from the first exploratory discussions, the letter of intent, up to the due diligence, the negotiations and the drafting, as well as the signing, of the final contract. In Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten and also in Suriname, we have monitored transactions, including the takeover of the majority interest in an airport operating company, a water and electrical utility company, takeovers in the hotel and leisure industry, the woodworking industry, the insurance sector and telecommunications and trading companies.

We practice corporate law in the broadest sense: counseling and consulting services, founding companies, shareholders' agreements and partnership contracts, directors' and officers' liability, shareholders' disputes, conversions, mergers, divisions, dissolutions, corporate governance and the liquidation of legal persons and corporations.

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