Global Law

Real Estate, Construction and Leasing

The local real estate and rental market is comprised of a variety of players, from private home and apartment builders to (overseas) investors in extensive tourist projects.  We assess, review and draw up all license/permit documents relating to this market, including building and services contracts, rental and management contracts, rental pools, rules and regulations for Associations of Owners, regulations for the location and external appearance of buildings, building permits, construction permits, user fees, zoning regulations, environmental and nuisance ordinance provisions.


Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg regularly litigates in the area of building law and tenancy law, before the civil court, before arbiters and before rent assessment committees. 


A case in point is the assistance we provided to the main American contractor responsible for the construction of the Renaissance hotel in Curaçao, with regard to its disputes with the owner and the subcontractors.  Yet another example worth mentioning, is that we acted as representatives for the contractors in the exercise of their right of retention and in respect of lifting the retention right exercised by them.


Our rental estate expertise is not limited to the former islands of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.  In Suriname we provided legal assistance to the builder and the contractor of a large office, work and storage complex in Paramaribo.