Global Law

Transport, Commerce & Infrastructure

Inherently our islands are maritime nations.  The harbor of Curaçao takes second place in the Caribbean.  Likewise, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba can be boastful of having  harbors and cruise terminals.  Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg is one of the few law firms  in Curaçao that regularly litigates shipping cases, from collisions and cargo damages, placing ships under arrest, to ship auctions and ship registration.  Similarly, aviation has been connected with our office from times immemorial.  For many years we have acted on behalf of the former national airline company of the Netherlands Antilles. 


Currently we are acting as counsels for local airline companies and have been intensively involved in the acquisition of the majority interest in Curaçao's airport operator by a foreign consortium.   For years large trading firms and agencies have been clients of our office, similarly to the harbor stevedoring firm.  We review and prepare agency, distribution, commercial agreements and transport conditions.