Global Law

Hotels, Tourism & Care

The growing tourism in the countries where we are active has caused a rise in the need for legal assistance in this sector. We provide support to hotels and hotel management companies; we provide advice to domestic and foreign investors in regard to touristic projects including the purchase, development and operation of hotel, apartment and vacation home complexes and timeshare resorts. We have, for example, been involved as lawyers in projects including the development of Lions Dive hotel, the Hyatt and the Marriott hotel in Curaçao, the Tropicana Aruba Resort & Casino Timeshare projects in Aruba and the " Berg en Dal" eco-resort in Suriname.   Our clients furthermore include tourism training institutes, diving schools, car rental companies and restaurants. 


In the care sector we represent medical specialists, medical drugs manufacturers and importers, (internet) pharmacies and care institutions,  including various hospitals in Curaçao.