Percylia Tweeboom

Percylia Tweeboom

Percylia Tweeboom (Curacao, 1987) is a lawyer. She is employed at the office of Curacao since 2014. She has worked i.a. as an executive assistant at the Municipality of Haarlem in the Netherlands and as an assistant policy advisor for the Directorate of Foreign Relations in Curacao. She was a member of the “Tienda di Lei” at the University of Curacao. She litigates and advises on the areas of, inter alia, liability, corporate law, family law, labor law, contract law and administrative law.


" I consider the legal profession to be very dynamic. It appeals to me whenever I am able to work on legal challenges that arise for a client. Accuracy is therefore essential.  Being a studious person is beneficial to staying current with legal and general developments. This ultimately will also benefit both me as a professional as well as my client.  We also follow the news and respond to what is relevant to our clients. Soliana Bonapart and Aardenburg is not a hierarchical focused organization yet it is performance driven. This makes working here both pleasant and challenging.”


Percylia studied Netherlands Antillean / Curacao law at the University of Curacao. In addition she has a Master’s degree in Public Administration with specialization in International Development from the Leiden University in The Netherlands, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Economics and Business Law from the Higher Education Inholland Haarlem, The Netherlands. She speaks Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish.

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