Ellen Frins


Ellen Frins (Netherlands, 1985) is an attorney at Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg.

After being a lawyer in the Netherlands for 12 years, Ellen joined the firm in Curaçao in September 2022.

Ellen has extensive experience litigating and advising in civil law, including family law, inheritance law, tenancy law and general contract law.

“I am a very practical, down-to-earth lawyer who is solution-oriented without losing sight of my clients’ interests. I quickly fathom a case and dare to choose a clear strategy and stick to it. I am calm and not easily distracted. Qualities that come into their own in a fast-paced and diverse litigation practice like at Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg.”

Ellen studied Dutch Law at the University of Maastricht, after which she obtained her Master’s degree in Criminal Law. Subsequently, she followed the Togamaster where she also studied civil law practice. She speaks Dutch, English and German.


Her practice areas

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  • Media Law & Entertainment Law
  • Private Family Law & Succession Law
  • Private Family Law & Succession Law

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