Percylia Tweeboom


Percylia Tweeboom (Curacao, 1987) is an attorney and compliance officer at Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg.

Percylia has been part of our firm since 2014 and has been a dedicated, determined and resourceful attorney.

Percylia has a passion for public law and governance from a multi-level perspective. In her practice she advises and litigates for Ministers, government bodies, public entities and individuals regarding a wide range of public law related issues such as permits, decisions, government orders, policy development and civil servant employment matters.

She also assists clients who seek to settle estate and inheritance disputes and she assists a wide range of commercial clients regarding business law issues. She also provides advice in areas such as family law, contract law and employment law.

Additionally, Percylia is highly interested in ways to optimize AML/KYC and CDD policies. She also plays an important role in ensuring adherence to compliance laws, regulations, and industry standards.

“I strive to bring clarity to legal complexities and am relentless in seeking equitable solutions to clients’ issues, all while emphasizing the importance of a realistic approach to achieving their needs”.

Percylia received her master’s degree in Dutch Caribbean Law from the University of Curacao. She also earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Leiden University in the Netherlands and a bachelor’s degree in Management, Economy and Business Law from the InHolland University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she has experience working within government bodies and public entities in the Netherlands and in Curacao.

Percylia is fluent in Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish.


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  • Private Family Law & Succession Law

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